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Morozov Sergey Dmitriyevich, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of history and philosophy, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction (28 G. Titova street, Penza, Russia); member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on historical demography and historical geography, member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences “The person in daily occurrence: the past and the present”,,

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This article discusses the activities of I. I. Sprygin as an ecologist, a botanist and one of the founders of nature conservation in Russia. The paper discloses his ext-remely multifaceted activity as a broad-minded naturalist, a scientist and an educa-tor, a highly erudite researcher of Penza region and the whole middle Russian. In the present work attention is drawn to the problems that were constantly in the interest of I. I. Sprygin, intensively developed by him, but not yet sufficiently explored by his biographers. These are the problems of methodology of local history, social ecology and environmental management.

Key words

ecology, regional ethnography, botanist, scientist, naturalist.

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